The NICE Guidelines for Thyroid Treatment

Last year in November 2019, the Government had spent God knows how much money putting together a ‘thought tank’ with specialists in all fields relating to the thyroid pandemic. This was in response to years of pressure by thyroid charities who were demanding change.

So what are the NICE guidelines and how does it relate to you?

NICE stands for the National Institute for Health & Care Excellence and it is the body that provides clinical guidelines & recommendations for healthcare professionals – in other words it is a ‘bible’ for your GP to refer to when they need guidance on a process for diagnosis and treatment.

What’s to know about this as it relates to Thyroid treatment? TSH levels are above the normal reference range (usually above 10 mU/L) and free thyroxine (FT4) is below the normal reference range [Weetman, 2010]. Here’s the link!backgroundSub

So why is that relevant? If you lived anywhere else in the world your TSH would only have to be above 2 for your thyroid to be treated. If your TSH is above 2 this means that your thyroid gland is struggling to function! You will be sent home and not taken seriously until that reading goes above 10. That means you will flog yourself with more calorie controlled diets; longer and harder work outs in the gym; and moreover you will feel lost and a little crazy.

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