The Benefits of seeing a Nutritional Therapist

Consulting with a Nutritional Therapist is very different to an appointment with a doctor. Below are the main benefits you can get from seeing a Nutritional Therapist

1. In-depth health review

A typical visit to a GP is usually a 5 to 10 minute meeting. This contrasts with visiting a Naturopathic Practitioner or Nutritional Therapist, which is anything between 60 to 90, as your health is discussed in depth with an assessment.  It includes your medical history and your family history.  At the end, the practitioner can establish a ‘whole view’ and understanding of your current health conditions as they relate to your history.

2. Identify the roots of health issues

If a person has been diagnosed with something, it doesn’t mean that it started at that point. It could have developed months or possibly years prior to the diagnosis. Identifying the cause is a vital step in paving the way for a treatment plan.

Catching things before they have the chance to evolve is even better. An example of this could be Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Steroids or another conventional medicine might be prescribed to suppress symptoms and reduce inflammation. However, steroids do not address the underlying cause of the problem, therefore it can return.

If the cause is left unattended, it can furthermore be allowed to develop more into a wide variety of ailments, from fatigue and inflammation, to migraines and eczema, and more. Getting to the cause early can save many problems in the future.

3. Complements medical practitioners

Naturopathy and nutritional therapy can compliment what other medical practitioners may also be doing for you. They will bring advice that Doctors often don’t provide, as Naturopaths are taught a different philosophy and are therefore treating your health from a different angle. Rather than suppressing symptoms, the philosophy is about identifying and treating the underlying cause, so the condition can be worked out and released from the body.

4. Tailored medicine and treatment plans

In natural medicine, programmes and treatment plans are tailored to each individual. Once the reason behind the illness is identified, a plan using natural therapies can be put in place. The length of treatment varies from each person, how long one has had a condition and the severity of it.

5. Restoring natural healing ability

The goal is to always return to your natural ability to heal and achieve optimum health. The vast majority of us today have nutritional deficient of some kind. This is for various reasons, including:

  • A lot of our food is transported around the world before being stored for days or weeks in supermarkets.
  • Food is roughly half as nutritionally dense as it was for our great grandparents.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables can lose 50% of their nutritional quality in 48 hours of being picked.
  • Processing of food is on a mammoth scale, leading to problems such as chemicals and pesticides on foods.
  • With a change in lifestyle, we are eating almost 20 times more sugar than 80 years ago.

When I was looking for answers to my kids’ health, a Nutritional Therapist was the last place I would ever have thought to look – I had a vision of my kids having to much on alfalfa sprouts – ha – no way!  But I now realise that I had a mental block about what they could do.  They had access to Functional testing – so testing that didn’t just look for something that was wrong (known as pathology).

Till next time,