Insanity as it relates to Thyroid Treatment in the UK

I have recently been talking about Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity – “Insanity is doing the same thing over & over again & expecting a different result”

How many of us can say that that applies when we have visited our GP with one, two, three and more of the common symptoms of an underactive thyroid – they are persistent weight gain, fatigue and exhaustion, cold hands & feet, foggy thinking & memory loss (to name but a few because the list goes on)- we’ve only been introduced to the thyroid because the Doctor is so used to hearing these common complaints. So your doc orders a blood test for you to check your thyroid function.

Bear with me as i demonstrate the insanity link. You leave the GP’s likely feeling hopeful and at least feel that you have been heard and some action has been taken. Deep down you are feeling much more hopeful that there is a solution, so you wait to hear back while still living with these sometimes debilitating symptoms that affect your every day life.

When the blood test results are in and you get the call telling you “no action is required – your results are normal” Now how do you feel? Deflated, dispondant and definately less hopeful than a week ago. You may have been told that they will re-test you again in 3 months time.

So the insanity here is that you will continue to go back to the surgery and continue to be sent home being told that your results are normal – and now maybe you are stat=rting to feel insane, because you know that you don’t feel well. This insanity does not belong to you! It belongs to the crazy diagnositic criteria and treatment of an undersactive thyroid gland in the UK.

I can & will wax lyrical about how this process is keeping so many people stuck and unwell. If this is you, or one of your loved ones then please join my private Facebook group here

This is where i post regularly and try my best to pass on this information to the many thyroid sufferers. There really is hope and health available but sadly it involves having the knowledge about how and why our medical system is failing us, and how we can get our health back but we first have to have the knowledge.

Thank you for reading this and i hope you are inspired to join me in my group.