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The History of Thyroid Treatment

This is a story I have never forgotten and I think it’s because it has helped me see that many Doctors have been pioneers and though all take the oath to ‘do no harm’, it is because of the system in which they work that so many people are not well, despite treatment. In 1877 […]

The NICE Guidelines for Thyroid Treatment

Last year in November 2019, the Government had spent God knows how much money putting together a ‘thought tank’ with specialists in all fields relating to the thyroid pandemic. This was in response to years of pressure by thyroid charities who were demanding change. So what are the NICE guidelines and how does it relate […]

The Benefits of seeing a Nutritional Therapist

Consulting with a Nutritional Therapist is very different to an appointment with a doctor. Below are the main benefits you can get from seeing a Nutritional Therapist 1. In-depth health review A typical visit to a GP is usually a 5 to 10 minute meeting. This contrasts with visiting a Naturopathic Practitioner or Nutritional Therapist, […]


FFT stands for Fucking First Time! (please excuse the cursing) Freely given to me by the amazing Brene Brown in her current podcast – Unlocking Us. Writing a Blog Post is absolutely a FFT for me! So why the hell am I doing it and why the hell would you be interested in reading it? […]