Many people who have been given a diagnosis of a thyroid condition are still struggling with symptoms of ill health in spite of being medicated. The low energy can be debilitating, the brain fog can be quite frightening, and they’re desperate to feel well again.

It might surprise you, but the first step in the thyroid healing process is to challenge the standard treatment for most thyroid conditions and to consider whether a treatment plan based only on regular thyroid medication is too limited, and that being medicated based on a single blood test result is just not enough.

What started as my own personal health journey soon led to years of study, research and clinical practice in the area of thyroid health. As I know you will understand, when this key hormone is out of whack, so many systems of the body do not work quite as they should – which is why blood tests are helpful but not the only marker of thyroid health.

Let’s start talking about your thyroid

Would you like to learn more about how to get to the bottom of what’s going on with your thyroid?

That’s why my nutrition and coaching programmes take comprehensive functional tests like blood tests into consideration alongside your specific symptoms, diet, lifestyle, environment, emotional wellbeing and personal medical history. This enables me to create a truly bespoke programme for each of my clients.