Work with me

You are probably beginning to realise that there is no ‘quick fix’ or miracle cure for your condition and related symptoms, there is a process to follow and a one-off appointment is not going to move you forward.

That is why I have developed specialised programmes designed to really deliver the health outcomes you want, without overloading you with information or leaving you to work this out alone. 

Each programme provides a basic framework around a 90-minute initial consultation & health assessment that will help me build a picture of you and your health, drawing from your full medical history, your family history and your diet and lifestyle.

All programmes will enable us to uncover route causes with in-depth analysis, optional functional testing and all provide a specialised and personal plan. What sets them apart is the amount of on-going support and coaching you will need.

I specialise in the following areas:

Functional Testing
Gut health
Thyroid Function

What can you expect from your programme?

  • Initial Personal consultations
  • Follow up health consultations – either face to face or via skype/telephone
  • In-depth health and lifestyle assessment to consider symptoms, medical history, family history, lifestyle and stress
  • Personalised nutrition programme and supplement plan
  • Current medication and nutrients interaction evaluation if applicable
  • Recommendations on clinical tests and interpretation
  • Personal coaching to support new food choices and new habits
  • Your Healthy Eating Shopping list
  • Seasonal recipes
  • Email support
  • Bespoke research

Let’s start talking about your thyroid

Would you like to learn more about how to get to the bottom of what’s going on with your thyroid?

Functional Testing

When I was where you are, turning to the medical profession through the NHS, I was only able to have access to the very standard blood tests – the TSH test from which a diagnosis was made and a prescription fulfilled – I had no idea that there was an alternative means of testing not just on the Thyroid but also a multitude of specific testing that can avoid the guesswork, and help to pinpoint underlying causes.  I am pleased to tell you that these amazing tests do exist where, together, we can interpret the results and use the information to help build the underlying picture and ultimately get you well again.

These tests can help us identify the following:

Full Thyroid Panel & Antibodies

Adrenal Stress Profile

Male/Female Hormone Panels

Food Intolerance/Sensitivities

Digestive Function Analysis

Optimal Nutrition Evaluation

Let’s work together…

We can work out how much coaching and support you will need on your journey in a free 30 minute health assessment.