New 30-Day Online Programme starts 19th October 2020

Did you go to your GP complaining that you couldn’t stop or shift your weight gain?
Did you tell them that you had such low energy-almost fatigue?
Did you mention your low mood & anxiety?
Did the GP order a blood test to check your thyroid?
Did they medicate you & did you think all your problems would go away? And did they?
Or did they tell you to come back for another test in 3 months?
But are you now left feeling unheard, unvalidated and hopeless?
That’s because the diagnosis & treatment of Thyroid conditions in this country very
rarely work.

So come and join a 30 day programme where you will learn the facts about the condition, it’s treatment & why conventional medicine is failing and how to help yourself lose the weight, get up in the morning with energy & optimism and start feeling alive again.

Who is this programme for?

This 30 day interactive programme is designed for anyone with a medical diagnosis of Hypothyroidism, Auto-Immune Hashimoto’s and Sub-clinical Hypothyroidism.

You would have got your Thyroid diagnosis based on symptoms of low energy/fatigue, weight gain or foggy thinking and after a blood test were given Levothyroxine. Or you would have been tested and asked to come back in 3 months for another test. Did you think this was going to be the answer to all your health problems? But did you discover that even though your blood tests looked normal you were still left with all the original symptoms (& maybe some more)? Then this programme is for YOU

What happens on the programme?

You will:

  1. Complete a questionnaire at the start & end of the course & plot your physical statistics as well as your mood & energy levels – so that you can see & feel the improvements
  2. Become part of a growing community of many who will learn to empower their health through understanding how the thyroid works, how to support & optimise it’s function with specific supplements, and diet & lifestyle changes
  3. Have access to full blood tests & learn how to interpret them & understand their importance in optimising your thyroid’s function & therefore your overall health
  4. Access to a live ‘class room’ to help you learn the significance of understanding your health condition & why it is so poorly managed in the current system
  5. You will work through your programme via a private Facebook group which can be accessed by an app on your phone or through your web browser.
  6. Most importantly you will learn that you are not alone, that you are your best health advocate & that there is HOPE!

What will I come away with?

  1. You will know more about your thyroid and its healthy function than your GP and most Endochrinologists
  2. You will understand why our health system is failing you & how to get the most from it 
  3. You will learn that you are your best health advocate & how important your symptoms are in the on-going treatment of your thyroid and overall health (you will learn that listening to your body & intuition was right for you!) 
  4. You will learn that you are not alone & you will be introduced to an army of other health seekers & further avenues for health support 
  5. You will have access to private testing that you can use on-going 
  6. You will have access to on-line supplements supplies on-going 
  7. We hope that on top of all of this information you will come away feeling lighter, more energetic, optimistic, empowered and hopeful! 

When does it start and how much does it cost?

We start on the 19th October, but suggest you register by 12th October so that you can order your supplements in time for the starting date.

For £59 you will have access to:
• A private Facebook group with daily support & interaction with many others just like you
• A protocol of supplements to support your thyroid
• Tools to help track & motivate you to say goodbye to those life-sapping symptoms
• Weekly live ‘class-room’ setting where you will learn about your thyroid, proper testing, diet & lifestyle changes
• Receive discounts for supplements & testing
• Links to further education & understanding of this condition
• Become part of a growing community of like-minded people who are taking back control of their health

How do I book?

To book your place click here.