The History of Thyroid Treatment

This is a story I have never forgotten and I think it’s because it has helped me see that many Doctors have been pioneers and though all take the oath to ‘do no harm’, it is because of the system in which they work that so many people are not well, despite treatment.

In 1877 a great Doctor called William Ord performed post mortems on his patients that he had failed to cure due to something going wrong with their thyroid glands. Once he took a look at their thyroid glands he saw that they were scarred, fibrous and shrunken, and he termed the end stage of this cause of death as myxoedema. In each case their slow deaths started with general fatigue, weight gain, coldness, hair loss, bloating, extreme constipation, foggy thinking, depression and muscle and joint stiffness. Some of them slipped into a coma and some of them went mad.

He must have had an ‘aha’ moment in 1898 when he decided to grind down a pig’s thyroid gland and give it to his last two patients who were suffering with all the above symptoms and were institutionalised for madness – after all what did he have to lose? Within 3 weeks they were CURED and released back into their communities & lives.

Over the next few years researchers worked out how to dry (dessicate) the pigs’ thyroids and put it in tablet form. This dessicated thyroid is widely used in the USA and to some degree in the UK, today. Perhaps it worked so well because the content of the pigs’ thyroid contains almost exactly what ours does – T4, T3, T2 & T1

Up until the mid 1980’s this was the standard medical treatment in the UK as well as the USA. Then a drugs manufacturer produced a synthetic form of thyroxine and all Doctors in the UK were forced to stop prescribing Natural Dessicated Thyroid or NDT, and would be struck off by the General Medical Council. Including my mentor and idol Dr Barry-Durrant Peatfield.

Sadly, the synthetic form now being mass produced known as Levothyroxine is the second biggest prescribed drug in this country, behind statins. So is that a problem? It is if it doesn’t work – and that is something I see every day in clinic and in support groups Nationwide.

The NICE Guidelines for Thyroid Treatment

Last year in November 2019, the Government had spent God knows how much money putting together a ‘thought tank’ with specialists in all fields relating to the thyroid pandemic. This was in response to years of pressure by thyroid charities who were demanding change.

So what are the NICE guidelines and how does it relate to you?

NICE stands for the National Institute for Health & Care Excellence and it is the body that provides clinical guidelines & recommendations for healthcare professionals – in other words it is a ‘bible’ for your GP to refer to when they need guidance on a process for diagnosis and treatment.

What’s to know about this as it relates to Thyroid treatment? TSH levels are above the normal reference range (usually above 10 mU/L) and free thyroxine (FT4) is below the normal reference range [Weetman, 2010]. Here’s the link!backgroundSub

So why is that relevant? If you lived anywhere else in the world your TSH would only have to be above 2 for your thyroid to be treated. If your TSH is above 2 this means that your thyroid gland is struggling to function! You will be sent home and not taken seriously until that reading goes above 10. That means you will flog yourself with more calorie controlled diets; longer and harder work outs in the gym; and moreover you will feel lost and a little crazy.

What can you do about it? Join my facebook Group where you can join a community of others and i can attempt to share with you my knowledge and experience in helping others get their health back. Hope to see you in there

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Insanity as it relates to Thyroid Treatment in the UK

I have recently been talking about Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity – “Insanity is doing the same thing over & over again & expecting a different result”

How many of us can say that that applies when we have visited our GP with one, two, three and more of the common symptoms of an underactive thyroid – they are persistent weight gain, fatigue and exhaustion, cold hands & feet, foggy thinking & memory loss (to name but a few because the list goes on)- we’ve only been introduced to the thyroid because the Doctor is so used to hearing these common complaints. So your doc orders a blood test for you to check your thyroid function.

Bear with me as i demonstrate the insanity link. You leave the GP’s likely feeling hopeful and at least feel that you have been heard and some action has been taken. Deep down you are feeling much more hopeful that there is a solution, so you wait to hear back while still living with these sometimes debilitating symptoms that affect your every day life.

When the blood test results are in and you get the call telling you “no action is required – your results are normal” Now how do you feel? Deflated, dispondant and definately less hopeful than a week ago. You may have been told that they will re-test you again in 3 months time.

So the insanity here is that you will continue to go back to the surgery and continue to be sent home being told that your results are normal – and now maybe you are stat=rting to feel insane, because you know that you don’t feel well. This insanity does not belong to you! It belongs to the crazy diagnositic criteria and treatment of an undersactive thyroid gland in the UK.

I can & will wax lyrical about how this process is keeping so many people stuck and unwell. If this is you, or one of your loved ones then please join my private Facebook group here

This is where i post regularly and try my best to pass on this information to the many thyroid sufferers. There really is hope and health available but sadly it involves having the knowledge about how and why our medical system is failing us, and how we can get our health back but we first have to have the knowledge.

Thank you for reading this and i hope you are inspired to join me in my group.

The Benefits of seeing a Nutritional Therapist

Consulting with a Nutritional Therapist is very different to an appointment with a doctor. Below are the main benefits you can get from seeing a Nutritional Therapist

1. In-depth health review

A typical visit to a GP is usually a 5 to 10 minute meeting. This contrasts with visiting a Naturopathic Practitioner or Nutritional Therapist, which is anything between 60 to 90, as your health is discussed in depth with an assessment.  It includes your medical history and your family history.  At the end, the practitioner can establish a ‘whole view’ and understanding of your current health conditions as they relate to your history.

2. Identify the roots of health issues

If a person has been diagnosed with something, it doesn’t mean that it started at that point. It could have developed months or possibly years prior to the diagnosis. Identifying the cause is a vital step in paving the way for a treatment plan.

Catching things before they have the chance to evolve is even better. An example of this could be Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Steroids or another conventional medicine might be prescribed to suppress symptoms and reduce inflammation. However, steroids do not address the underlying cause of the problem, therefore it can return.

If the cause is left unattended, it can furthermore be allowed to develop more into a wide variety of ailments, from fatigue and inflammation, to migraines and eczema, and more. Getting to the cause early can save many problems in the future.

3. Complements medical practitioners

Naturopathy and nutritional therapy can compliment what other medical practitioners may also be doing for you. They will bring advice that Doctors often don’t provide, as Naturopaths are taught a different philosophy and are therefore treating your health from a different angle. Rather than suppressing symptoms, the philosophy is about identifying and treating the underlying cause, so the condition can be worked out and released from the body.

4. Tailored medicine and treatment plans

In natural medicine, programmes and treatment plans are tailored to each individual. Once the reason behind the illness is identified, a plan using natural therapies can be put in place. The length of treatment varies from each person, how long one has had a condition and the severity of it.

5. Restoring natural healing ability

The goal is to always return to your natural ability to heal and achieve optimum health. The vast majority of us today have nutritional deficient of some kind. This is for various reasons, including:

  • A lot of our food is transported around the world before being stored for days or weeks in supermarkets.
  • Food is roughly half as nutritionally dense as it was for our great grandparents.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables can lose 50% of their nutritional quality in 48 hours of being picked.
  • Processing of food is on a mammoth scale, leading to problems such as chemicals and pesticides on foods.
  • With a change in lifestyle, we are eating almost 20 times more sugar than 80 years ago.

When I was looking for answers to my kids’ health, a Nutritional Therapist was the last place I would ever have thought to look – I had a vision of my kids having to much on alfalfa sprouts – ha – no way!  But I now realise that I had a mental block about what they could do.  They had access to Functional testing – so testing that didn’t just look for something that was wrong (known as pathology).

Till next time,


Flu Fighters – an offer of hope in uncertain times

We are all living in FEAR and unprecedented times, and most of us are naturally looking to our Government for truths and guidance. Sadly, we are only being told what they want us to know, and i have definitely felt more confused since the strap line went from stay home/safe?? to stay alert?? Finding out this information has given me much comfort, because I am doing what he is suggesting.

I see this blog as a public duty, to share with all the people who are important in my life, because I feel so grateful to have been given this information through my work, and if you haven’t well then here it is – for you too!

So please take what you like and leave the rest, and please feel free to share with your nearest and dearest.

My hopes in giving you what I have been given, freely, is that you can move out of fear and into hope for your health & the health of those you love.  

So, I am introducing you to Patrick Holford, BSc, DipION, FBANT, NTCRP, who is a pioneer in new approaches to health and nutrition. He is a leading spokesman on nutrition in the media, specialising in the field of mental health. He is the author of 37 books, translated into over 30 languages and selling millions of copies worldwide, including The Optimum Nutrition Bible, The Low GL-Diet Bible, Optimum Nutrition for the Mind and The 10 Secrets of 100% Healthy People, 10 Secrets of Healthy Ageing and Good. So that hopefully helps you see that he is not just a ‘quack’!

He told us (a bunch of 100 or so Nutritional Therapists) that when he wrote his book ‘Flu Fighters’ (our use of the word flu is intentional), in the first few weeks of lock-down, that his publishers refused to publish it, that Amazon refused to sell it and Facebook took down his page; I thought this man obviously has some information that I need & want to hear about! I have managed to download a free Kindle edition from Amazon – fyi.

So, here is a snapshot of what he is saying (and this is only my interpretation)

  1. You can support & optimise your immune system using inexpensive Vitamins (C & D) to fight off viruses
  2. What to do if you get the virus, using the protocol of Vitamins in his book.  Incidentally he told us that he has recently had the virus, it wasn’t particularly pleasant but he is in his late 60’s I suspect, and after 3 days of using high doses of the recommended vitamins, he was back to good health
  3. He has provided these preventative packages to front line workers through and has started a campaign to get this message ‘out there’ by forming a petition to the Government

That’s my bit, and here are the links to his research and work.

The statistic as of Friday 22nd May 2020 was: of the Uk’s population of 66.5 million we have lost 34,000 lives

South Korea (who have been implementing the Vitamin protocols he’s talking about): a population of 55.5 million with a loss of 260 lives!

This is the link to his web page

This is the link to petition

If I have sent this blog post to you, it is only because I care deeply about the many alternatives to health, but I have no wish to cause offense if you are challenged by the content.

If you do want to use my link to an online vitamin supplier that can offer a wide range of supplements, you are welcome to at and use my name as your practitioner (Claire Sendall); they can deliver to your door using the Royal Mail.  I will add that should you order through them I will receive a commission which I will pass on to the Vitamin C4UK Campaign.


FFT stands for Fucking First Time! (please excuse the cursing) Freely given to me by the amazing Brene Brown in her current podcast – Unlocking Us.

Writing a Blog Post is absolutely a FFT for me! So why the hell am I doing it and why the hell would you be interested in reading it?

To speak up and out in my capacity as an Nutritional Therapist is so freaking frightening for me, because I know what I know, and I know at the core of my being that my experiences, especially in matters of the Thyroid that lead me to study and gain all of my knowledge, so far, absolutely can help anyone dealing with any health concern related to this subject. 

But my naïve expectation was that once I had got all my ducks in a row (it’s only taken me 6 years!!), that would enable me to help you – well I thought you would intuitively know, and be drawn to me as a moth to a flame in the quiet of the night!!

No, Claire no.  I now have to use my voice across media platforms that challenge my 52 year old brain and social media phobias!

Brene says that when you identify as being in a FFT you have to do 3 things:-

  1. Normalise it – I think this means just identify and recognise it
  2. Put it in perspective – I take this to mean being gentle on myself and accept that it will challenge me
  3. Reality check your expectations – now this one I can already know and see in myself – I expect that this will land in every Thyroid Patient’s inbox! I also expect you to immediately take action and get in touch with me and see that I am the answer to all of your health problems!! It’s Ok to judge me at this point but when you start to follow me & hopefully you will – you will learn that even if all I give you is one nugget of hope (and that might be that you start following Brene Brown) that I have been of service.

So, if you are reading this – thank you for connecting with me and my promise to you is that I will continue to post on here and all the other terrifying social platforms, and hopefully take you along with me on a journey that will ultimately give you hope and great health.  I want to join the dots for you and help you get your ducks in a row.

My best

Claire xx